0.9.3 (73) "Videosync - Connected", but screen remains blank

Hi there. I can’t find anything in the manual or forums to help with this:

  • installed Videosync Version 0.9.3 (73), control surface is connected
  • loaded mp4s into session view (warped & saved)
  • window says “Videosync - Connected”, but remains blank
  • have pointed “File search path” to folder containing mp4s, no change

Please help. Thank you!


Sounds like you did everything right. Do you see any errors or warnings in the Console?


Setting the File Search Path is only necessary when you’re running Videosync over a network connection. Video files on your local disk should work regardless of the File Search Path.

Thanks Hidde. Funnily enough, now seems to be working just fine? Made no changes since my first post…

Also: there were no messages in the Console.

Re: File Search Path - good to know!